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TOPIC: From an LG G3 user

From an LG G3 user 25 Sep 2014 20:20 #13

I would like to start by saying that I think this app is a very cool idea. However, there are a few serious flaws that prevent me from actively using this app on my phone. First of all, the approved devices list has not been updated in some time. There are a ton of new Android devices that have been released recently that are not on this list. I noticed that the last time this app was updated for Android was June 11, 2014. Is this app still under active development? If it is (and I certainly hope it is), could you guys fix the issue where the camera does not focus on the finger before taking the photo? When setting up the app, the camera focuses fine on my finger, but as soon as I go to unlock my device, the camera will absolutely not focus on anything. I do not know if this is only an issue on my device (LG G3), but this is the main thing that keeps me from using the app. I found this very odd, as the G3 is known for having one of the very best cameras on the market. I tried every single tip on the Help page, and nothing works. It is very frustrating. Also, can an option be added to not use the flash when unlocking the device? I find that the flash causes some problems under certain circumstances, and think it would be beneficial to allow the user to turn off the flash. As I said before, this is a very cool idea that has some major flaws that keep me from loving it, and I really hope it is still being actively developed. I commend DFT for offering this app for free. If you could polish it up and work out all of the bugs, I would pay for it in an instant.
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